Today we are launching our Black Friday deals which will run for 14 days!  Wed Hosts will be one year old next month and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our first year of business than offering very competitive WordPress Hosting Packages coupled with unrivalled WordPress Maintenance and Security.

Firstly, we would like to thank the wedding professionals who over the last year have put their trust in a small but very dedicated hosting company, without your belief in us and  your support we wouldn’t be here today.

To name a few: Mark Seymour Photography, Dom and Laim – York Place Studios, Alexis Jaworski, James and Lianne, Kevin Belson, Neil Walker, Suzanne Black, Lynne Kennedy, Lorenzo Photography, Laura Lees, Martin Dabek, Ian baker, Linus Moran, Graham Warrellow

Recent Additions: Matt Badenoch, Graham Nixon, Cris Lowis, Luke hayden, Becky Harley


WordPress Hosting Packages


For the next 14 Days we are offering 25% of our hosting packages for life!

Moving your website hosting can be as daunting as changing energy provider or even your bank account. We have made the process painless, it’s easy to switch with Wed Hosts! Over the last year we have developed a highly competitive hosting offering. Both of our hosting packages are unrivalled in the marketplace (including WP MAINTENANCE & WP SECURITY for FREE),  tailored to the needs of those who are seeking speed, reliability and value for money. The Wedding Pro package offers immense valve for money with potential savings of over £180 dependent on your plugin usage. If you are a professional wedding business in the UK then we believe you should be using Yoast SEO Premium and Yoast Local, both are bundled with Wedding Pro.

We have been tinkering away behind the scenes when it comes to speed and we are confident our hosting setup is faster than: Vidahost, Siteground, WPEngine, 34sp, Evo Hosting, the list goes on…

All the info is here for you.

Use this coupon code at the checkout and get 25% off your hosting for life:  blackfridayhost

Want to have chat first, we are happy to discuss/guide you through the process, please get in touch.


There is no small print: But you need to be aware if you sign up for Wedding Pro your Yoast Plugin Licences will be delivered and implemented for you at the beginning of the calendar year.

WordPress Maintenance and Security


For the next 14 Days we are offering this package at £5 per month, that’s a £3 per month discount for life!

You don’t have to host with us to take advance our WP maintenance + WP Security Plan. You may be very happy with your hosting company and we understand that! We strongly believe we have assembled an unrivalled WordPress Maintenance & Security solution offering you peace of mind, security, speed and great client service.


We take daily backups of your website and store them for 90 Days. We don’t know of any host that stores so many instances of your website. We can restore a backup when needed in under 5 minutes!

Our approach to WordPress Maintenance & Security is preemptive. We scan your website against the WPScan Vulnerability Database identifying any risks and fixing them daily, coupled with Daily Security checking.

Nobody has been hacked in our first year of business! We are very proud of this fact and it has vindicated our robust approach to WordPress Security. In the event that a client using our services was to be hacked, we would of course fix it for FREE!

Explore the FULL offering here.

Use this coupon code at the checkout and get 25% off your hosting for life: blackfriday3

Want to have chat first, we are happy to discuss/guide you through the process, please get in touch.


Many thanks for taking the time to read this post, feel free to share our offerings with your fellow wedding and photography colleagues.


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