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What Is Schema Markup?
Why Is It Critical to Your Wedding Business in 2018?

Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. In other words: to build the perfect search engine that helps people find what they are looking for. Google always wants to show you the best result for your search query. Google has updated its algorithm numerous times over the years, but their goal remains the same: Google tries to get you the best result.

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Get Structured Data for your Wedding Business

Using structured data is a very hands-on SEO tactic. Most of the SEO tactics we practise at Wedhosts are tactics which focus on making an awesome website.

Your main goal should be a satisfied user who is able to find what he or she needs on your website. If you are able to achieve this, you will have a good chance of ranking in the search engines. Applying structured data will not influence the experience of the user on your
website. Consequently, structured data is somewhat different from other SEO tactics.

Talking to Google

Using structured data is like talking to Google. With specific code, you can give Google all kinds of information about the products you offer on your website. Google will use that data to create a different search result. Your result in Google (your snippet) will be richer if you apply structured data on your website.

Rich Snippets

This is an example of a rich snippet. A traditional snippet contains a blue title link, a green URL, and a black description. Rich snippets
show much more information. The snippet here was made possible by structured data containing information about ratings & reviews abut the business itself.

Schema Markup, also known as structured data (and sometimes structured data markup), is the language of search engines.

What is Schema Markup? What is Structured Data?

The vocabulary, officially called, was created by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex in 2011 as a global standard vocabulary to help them better understand content on the web. It’s quite brilliant when you think about it: the search engines created a language to help them explicitly understand web content, and then put the burden on us to adopt it, to help them do their jobs better! Thats Google over and over for you!

Still unconvinced by the power of Schema Markup, structured data, and rich results for wedding businesses?

Get Structured Data for your Wedding Business

We are fully certified via the Yoast Academy to implement your structured Data. You can book your wedding business in now for a date in April 2018.

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